Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Blog crush: Life Thru a Lens

I discovered Life Thru a Lens via IKEA Family Live on Pinterest.  The author of this blog, Laurana, is a 30 year old graphic designer from Finland.  I love her style!

Laurana's brand new apartment has a mostly white and neutral base with huge hits of colour in the form of a bright yellow feature wall in the kitchen and a bright pink feature wall in the home office.  I love how these two colours are repeated in little accents all around the home (and in the outfits of her beautiful little girl) and I seriously want the String storage system in the living room.

This bright and cheerful home is such an inspiration.  I wonder if Harry would let me get away with painting an entire wall bright pink.  He is currently implementing a rule that if I buy something pink I must also buy something blue (he knows I don't really like blue)... I wonder if buying a tin of blue paint that I don't intend to use would count.
En Français:
J'ai découvert Life Thru a Lens via IKEA Family Live sur Pinterest.  L'auteur de ce blog, Laurana, est un concepteur graphique a 30 ans de la Finlande.  J'aime son style!
Nouvel appartement Laurana a une base essentiellement blanc et neutre, avec un mur d'un jaune vif dans la cuisine et un mur d'un rose vif dans le bureau.  J'aime la façon dont ces deux couleurs sont répétées dans tous les petits accents autour de la maison (et dans les tenues de sa petite fille belle) et je veux le système de stockage de String dans la salle de séjour.


  1. OK. Maybe not blue, but another colour to offset the pink. Purple doesn't count.

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