Friday, May 25, 2012

A new morning routine

Before our trip to Paris, my morning routine involved stopping at a café on my way to work for a takeaway coffee and breakfast to be eaten at my desk while checking emails and market updates.

While in Paris, Harry and I ate breakfast together every morning in our apartment.  It was so nice having that time in the morning to catch up over coffee and it is a routine that we have decided to keep going now that we're back home.

Now that we'll be making our own coffee every day (instead of occasionally on weekends), we decided it was time for an upgrade from my pink Nespresso machine.

Our new Tefal Espremio machine (yes its' French) takes up a lot more of the valuable bench space in our tiny new kitchen, but it is well worth it.  It is pretty easy to use and clean (not as easy as the Nespresso machine, but that was expected) and the Italian espresso grind that we chose to try out this little machine tastes so much better than coffee made with Nespresso pods.

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