Saturday, June 23, 2012

Black and white balloons

It is Harry's niece's 4th birthday party today, so we're heading out to spend the day with his family.  I've been a little unorganised, so we first need to go shopping for a birthday present this morning.  I usually buy her a pretty dress and something little to go with it, like jewellery or something for her bedroom.  Today, I think I might buy her some pretty balloons too.  Seriously, balloons are so much fun!

How cute is that little girl with her giant bunch of black and white balloons.  I would buy Harry's niece that gorgeous little Winter outfit too.  Love the chevron tights! The above image is from a rebranding campaign by Claridge's Hotel in London in 2010.  Just because the shots are so cute, here are a couple more.

Above images from Construct London

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