Sunday, June 24, 2012

Craving an organised space

Apparently I am even less organised than I thought.  Harry's niece's birthday party was today, not yesterday.  Luckily I realised before we started the 45+ minutes drive to their house.  One of my excuses reasons for being so unorganised is that I don't currently have a home office space while we're working on renovating our second downstairs room.  I currently use my laptop either on the lounge or at the dining table and the rest of my office supplies (including my calendar) are still packed away in boxes.

Eventually the room I just finished painting will be our home office, but for now our home office will look something like this.
I am planning on making an island out of two desks in the centre of the room (we'll need to work out how to handle all the electrical cords for now because the power points are not in the best location for this design).  It will also need to fit three bikes, with Harry's two road bikes likely to be stacked in tandem on one wall and my (much heavier) retro cruiser propped against another wall.

I'm not sure yet what storage is going to work in the room.  I can fit a bookshelf between the fireplace and the door to the understairs storage (the door at the bottom in the above image), but I will probably use something freestanding so that the room can easily be changed later.  I might prop a big moodboard up against one wall too.

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