Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A new gym bag

I have started going to a gym in an attempt to get fit.  I am naturally quite skinny which makes it a little too easy for me to be lazy, but I am not strong.  The last time I went to a gym regularly was over a year ago and I felt fantastic at the time.  Since then my fitness has deteriorated to the point where I regularly curse stairs and hills, so I have decided it's time to get fit again.

I have also decided it's time to buy a new gym bag.  This is my current Puma Runway bag.  I like the purple patent finish and the gold hardware, but I find it's size and shape to be a little impractical.

I thinks it's time for an upgrade to something smaller with more of a duffel bag shape.  I've done some web research and found these faves in light pink and grey.

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