Thursday, July 26, 2012

A strange little habit

I meant to publish this post this morning, but I couldn't find the little silver cord to upload photos from my camera to my computer.

Above: Witchery cardigan, Oroton clutch and Sportsgirl ring

I realised this morning that there is a strange little habit in my morning routine.  After getting dressed, I run through my outfit in my head as if it were in a magazine spread.  For example, this morning's transcript would have read:

"Boots: Hugo Boss. Jeans: Karen Millen. Belt: Prada. Sweater: Cue. Cardigan: Witchery. Peacoat: Victoria's Secret. Necklace: Mimco. Bracelet: Oroton. Ring: Sportsgirl. Clutch: Oroton."

I always start with my shoes and work my way up, through the layers, then onto my jewellery and handbag.  Now that I've realised I do it, I think it's a little weird.  Maybe it's a symptom of reading too many fashion blogs.  Does anyone else do this or am I just a little insane?

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