Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Creative workspaces

Here are some practical and lovely home office DIY decorating ideas from Real Living magazine.

Above images from Real Living

I love the idea of painting an entire wall in whiteboard paint, as in the second picture above.  Harry would love this in our home office.  He is an Engineer and he likes to draw big decision trees and charts for problem solving.  I prefer to problem solve on lots of small bits of paper and would probably just use a whiteboard wall to doodle and stick up inspiring pictures.

I also love the idea of customising a desk by sawing an old table in half, painting it in a vibrant colour and bolting it to the wall, as in the last picture above.  A desk that small wouldn't be practical for us, but it's an idea that could work for a hall console as I want something shallower than any I have been able to find.

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