Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nostalgic for Paris

Le Tour de France has started and it has me feeling a little nostalgic for Paris. Also the French bi-annual sales are on now and they are supposed to be pretty amazing. I'm sorry I missed the sales this time around (but my credit card probably isn't) and being at a stage of le Tour de France is still on Harry's life to do list.
It is Bastille Day on 14 July and I am planning on making a French duck cassoulet for dinner (I just need to find the perfect recipe) and maybe heading to the French themed markets at North Sydney to pick up some other edible goodies for the day.
I'm thinking about buying this new Paris in Colour map print from The Paris Print Shop on Etsy. It would be a nice shot of colour on one of our vivid white walls. 
Or maybe I should stick with neutrals and buy these prints of Paris by day and night. I love the contrast of these two photographs and the fact that the trees are all wintery in both. It reminds me of how we found Paris on our first day... freezing cold and lacking colour, but breathtakingly beautiful. 
Above images from The Paris Print Shop
Or maybe I should buy the coffee table book and I can flip through its colourful pages when I'm feeling nostalgic for Paris.
Above image from Anthropologie
It's likely to be almost 18 months before we visit Paris again in all its winter glory.

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