Friday, August 31, 2012

A monochrome apartment in Stockholm

Today I am loving this little monochrome apartment currently for sale in Stockholm.  My favourite room is the bedroom; I want the concrete wallpaper (I keep seeing this and am wondering where I might be able to make it work in my home), the Pia Wallén blanket and the light fitting.

Above images from SkandiaMäklarna

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Very tempted

I am currently on a self-imposed shopping ban, but I am very tempted to break it by a couple of cute items on sale from asos.  This Sonia by Sonia Rykiel colour block shopper has been in my saved items for a while and it is now reduced to $180 (from $423) with free shipping.  I love the colour combo and the cute oversized beads.  It would be a great bag for the weekend, casual, but cute and big enough to carry whatever is needed.

This black and white polka dot peplum dress is only $21 (reduced from $33).  I think I would chop off the mini and wear it as a top with jeans.

Above images from asos

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hating IKEA right now

Warning: I am about to rant, so please look away now if you don't want to hear it (or read it).

Above image taken with my iPhone

I just spent the last hour assembling my new PS cabinet from IKEA.  It was a bit of a struggle, but I got it finished, then sat on the lounge in front of it and noticed something didn't look right.  There was a large gap above the door on one side.  I pushed the top down hard and that fixed the gap, but then I opened the door and it fell off.  Upon closer inspection, one of the holes in the frame above the door is not quite big enough to fit the allen key looking thing you use to secure it in place and pushing the top down forced it out.

So after all that effort, I now have two options.  I can pull the cabinet back apart (which isn't easy because the top locks into place once forced down) and drive to IKEA to get a new one, then start again.  Or I can (and by I, I actually mean wait until the weekend and ask my dad to) drill the hole out to make it big enough, but then it will have a sharp edge.

I am so annoyed right now.  #$!% you IKEA.

Leuie children's boutique

The newly launched Leuie boutique is full of lovely little things for children, including these super cute sets for boys and girls,...

...gorgeous shoes and travel accessories...

...and these pretty rosebud hangers, perfect for a little girls room.

Above images from Leuie

It's a good thing I don't have any children yet, or I could see myself spending a lot of money here.

Three fab finds...

1.  I love the details in this home office space.  I think I need to find myself some copper coat hangers.

Above images from Stylizimo

2.  Inspiration for our wedding: two simple yet lovely table settings.

Above images from Style Me Pretty (here and here)

3.  Either of these gorgeous black and white blouses would be perfect with jeans now that we're heading into spring in Australia.

Above: The Style blouse and Sister Jane blouse (both from asos)

Monday, August 27, 2012

A successful day

My hands are covered in dried 'liquid nails' adhesive, but dad and I had a successful day and the shelves are done.  Here they are with some of Kate's belongings randomly stacked in them.  They look so neat, perfectly fitted to the recesses on either side of the chimney space.  I am liking the raw look for now, but I will probably eventually paint them white.

Above photos taken via instagram (modeetmaison)

Building custom shelves

My dad and I are being handymen today.  He has the day off work and we are planning on building some custom shelving units to fit either side of the fireplace in our front room, which is currently a friend's bedroom.  Here's the plan.

There are two shelves on the left, with rails for hanging clothes beneath them, and shelving for books, etc. on the right. The space in the middle is where the original fireplace would have been, but it has since been bricked in. We have an original Victorian fireplace which we will eventually restore, but for now Kate is going to make a little gallery out of photos and prints for this middle section.

We're building the shelves out of pine, with solid sides to support the weight of clothes and books. I was planning on painting them white to blend in with the walls, but I think I'll leave them raw for a while and see how I like the look. Maybe we'll even paint the front edges in a contrasting colour (or use washi tape because it's more easily reversible).

All those things

I've ticked a number of big things off my life to do list this year, during our three months in Paris and travelling around Europe.  Now that I'm back home, I'm working towards a couple of specific goals and a lot of little things to improve my overall happiness.

Above image via Pinterest (original source unknown)

Here are a few things I'm working towards at the moment:
  • being conversationally fluent in French; 
  • adding more colour to my wardrobe; 
  • dressing up more often; 
  • watching more classic and cult films (I have never been one to watch a lot of television or movies, but it would be nice to understand what people are talking about when they reference these films, next on my list is Ghost); 
  • reopening my Etsy store with twelve new print designs (I have completed six so far); and 
  • not having anything in my home that I do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Glimpses of Paris

Today I am loving these photographs by Bekka Palmer, offering glimpses of some of Paris' iconic buildings.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Colour block apartment

I love the use of colour blocking in this French apartment to define different 'rooms' within the small open plan space.  The whole apartment is only 100m2, but the colour coded zones do make it seem much larger.

Above images from Bonytt found via The Designer Pad

Rachel Zoe Pre-Fall 2012

For today's dose of high fashion, here are some more looks from Rachel Zoe.  These are from her Pre-Fall 2012 collection and I am loving the monochromatic tones (of course).

Above images from