Monday, August 20, 2012

A November garden wedding

My cousin is getting married in November (the last month of Spring in Australia) at a garden ceremony.   The dress code is smart casual and I am thinking of wearing this dress I bought from Dorothy Perkins in Belfast.

I need want a new pair of shoes to wear with it.  I already own a pair of stilettos in the right shade of coral, but they're a little fancy and made of satin and I don't want to see them ruined after sinking into dirt, so I'm thinking of buying a pair of nude shoes with a thicker heel or even a wedge.

Here are two options from Mimco, both currently on sale.

Above: Mimco Cyber heel (image from Polyvore)
Above: Mimco Tinkerbell platform wedge (image from Polyvore)

I like them both.  They're both a little heavy looking, but I think the nude colour will offset that and I really don't think stilettos are the best idea for a garden wedding.  What do you think?  Would either of these work?

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