Monday, August 27, 2012

Building custom shelves

My dad and I are being handymen today.  He has the day off work and we are planning on building some custom shelving units to fit either side of the fireplace in our front room, which is currently a friend's bedroom.  Here's the plan.

There are two shelves on the left, with rails for hanging clothes beneath them, and shelving for books, etc. on the right. The space in the middle is where the original fireplace would have been, but it has since been bricked in. We have an original Victorian fireplace which we will eventually restore, but for now Kate is going to make a little gallery out of photos and prints for this middle section.

We're building the shelves out of pine, with solid sides to support the weight of clothes and books. I was planning on painting them white to blend in with the walls, but I think I'll leave them raw for a while and see how I like the look. Maybe we'll even paint the front edges in a contrasting colour (or use washi tape because it's more easily reversible).

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