Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hidden kitchen storage

This image has been saved in my home renovation inspiration folder almost since we bought our house three and a half years ago.  I clipped it out of a magazine, but yesterday (thanks to this post) I discovered it is the work of architecture firm, Tribe Studio.

Above image from Tribe Studio

I'm planning on doing something similar in our new kitchen to conceal a two-metre pantry with extra bench space to store our kitchen appliances that are in constant use: the coffee machine, toaster, kettle, etc.

In the picture below, you can see where I'm planning on building the pantry and I'm also planning on building a bench seat right along the adjoining wall, for extra storage and extra seating when entertaining.

Note:  The greyed out areas on the floor in the above picture are to allow clearance to open doors and move around the room, they help with spatial planning to make sure the room is functional.

I'm planning on leaving the panel above the bench seating open for display of cook books and pretty kitchen knick-knacks (a selection of my vintage Kromex canisters might look nice here)...

...and behind those big white doors, I'm planning on open shelving for easy access and the extra bench space... all in black.

I can't wait to have this fabulous functional kitchen with plenty of storage and space to display some of my lovely things, but with phase one of our home renovation just completed and WAY over budget, this second (even bigger) phase won't be happening for quite some time.  For now I'll have to make do with our tiny temporary IKEA kitchen.

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