Friday, August 10, 2012

Extending my DIY to do list

I haven't ticked anything off my last DIY to do list, but now I'm making it longer.

1.  I need to find something to dip in paint... surely we need a wooden stool somewhere in our house... or maybe a desk when we finish renovating our home office.

Above image from HGTV

2.  One day (probably not anytime soon) I need to learn to crochet so that I can make this blanket in grey and neon pink.

Above image from The Purl Bee

3.  I like the look of chunky bead necklaces, but rarely find a design I like in the right length.  For this DIY, I just need to find a good bead shop instead.

Above image from Making It Lovely

4.  When we've finished patching and painting our hallway, we need to buy a new front door (at some point our home's original 1880(ish) door was replaced with a 1950s version, you know the ones with the circle of frosted glass at face height... ick) and I plan on painting the back of it to stand out in our all-white hallway.

Above image from House To Home

5.  I also plan to make a DIY version of the Liv lamp by Jonas Bohlin for our living room.  I love the Liv lamp, but I won't be able to afford the real thing anytime soon, so with my mum's help (because I can't sew... not even to reattach a button), I will create something similar for now.

Above image from Riazolli.

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