Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hating IKEA right now

Warning: I am about to rant, so please look away now if you don't want to hear it (or read it).

Above image taken with my iPhone

I just spent the last hour assembling my new PS cabinet from IKEA.  It was a bit of a struggle, but I got it finished, then sat on the lounge in front of it and noticed something didn't look right.  There was a large gap above the door on one side.  I pushed the top down hard and that fixed the gap, but then I opened the door and it fell off.  Upon closer inspection, one of the holes in the frame above the door is not quite big enough to fit the allen key looking thing you use to secure it in place and pushing the top down forced it out.

So after all that effort, I now have two options.  I can pull the cabinet back apart (which isn't easy because the top locks into place once forced down) and drive to IKEA to get a new one, then start again.  Or I can (and by I, I actually mean wait until the weekend and ask my dad to) drill the hole out to make it big enough, but then it will have a sharp edge.

I am so annoyed right now.  #$!% you IKEA.

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