Friday, August 3, 2012

High coffee at the InterContinental

High coffee at the InterContinental is definitely on my to do list, now that I know it exists.

Above images from InterContinental 
Espresso martini upon arrival

Afternoon Sandwiches
Wagyu beef, cucumber relish and watercress panini
Roasted chicken avocado with semi-dried organic tomato, linseed roll
Smoked salmon on rye with mascarpone and preserved lemon

Warm Afternoon Savouries
Selection of homemade beef and burgundy pie
Prosciutto and green asparagus quiche
Feta and olive mini muffin
Chocolate and espresso crêpes and Belgian waffles with condiments
Cafè freddo

Fruit and plain scones with double cream and our homemade strawberry jam

Palate Cleanser
Green apple sorbet

Opera slice with Espresso di Manfredi and chocolate ganache, gold leaf
Espresso or doppio espresso
Infused cinnamon and ginger chocolate Crème Brûlée
Salted caramel and espresso bavarois cream éclairs
Wattleseed macaroons with P125 Valrhona-coffee curd
Meringue with Bailey’s cream with candy macadamia
Flat white

The Signature
For that little extra intensity try the cafè corretto, a shot of perfect Espresso di Manfredi ‘corrected’ with a shot of grappa

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