Thursday, August 9, 2012

IKEA 2013

I had a very productive day today after reading this post guilted me into getting off my butt.  After today's efforts, our bedroom has almost returned to normal.  When we arrived home from Paris, we pulled boxes out of storage, but with no wardrobe and our home office currently being renovated, there were half-filled boxes of clothing and office stuff piled in our bedroom and just a narrow path to the bed.  Today I sorted through those boxes and packed what wasn't needed away, I washed, dried and folded clothes and spare bedding, vacuumed the carpet and rearranged the things that need to stay in the bedroom for now.  I'm feeling a little tired now, but very satisfied with myself.

There were only two small hiccups: I sucked up a silk Coach scarf that was hanging nearby while vacuuming an armchair (luckily I had just emptied the vacuum, the scarf was slightly damaged, but it's not too obvious, and it's filthy, but I think after dry cleaning it will be ok) and I smashed a glass.  I guess these little things are bound to happen when one tries to be productive while sick and running on very little sleep.

Before I crash for the night I wanted to share these images of some new items in the IKEA 2013 catalogue.

Above images from IKEA via Nordic Leaves

I am loving all the black and white, especially that rug.  It looks like I may need to make another trip to IKEA next week to check it out in person (assuming it's made it to Australia).

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