Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Michael Carson, Artist

I love these two paintings by Michael Carson that look like they might be backstage at a fashion show.

I thought I'd share this third painting too, not because I particularly like it, but because it reminds me of how I would have looked an hour ago napping on top of our bedcovers (hey, I'm sick, it's a good excuse for an afternoon nap).

Above images from Jones & Terwilliger Galleries (found via The Jealous Curator)


  1. Hi Melinda I’ve just found your blog and have read almost all of it. Love it, love it, love it, particularly the Paris bits. The images are all beautiful and please don’t stop the french translations even though you’ve returned to the land of OZ. I’m also learning french and love the fact that I can actually read some of what you’ve written. I’m a newby myself and find your posts really inspirational. Cheers Elizabeth♥

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Thank you for your lovely comments.
      I promise I don't plan on stopping the French translations, I've just been really lazy lately :) I'll try and catch up on translating some of the old posts next week, then get back into the habit of translating each post before I publish it. My French is nowhere near perfect and it sometimes takes me a while to translate a post.
      Warm regards,