Saturday, September 29, 2012

New cycling gear

I have started cycling to the office and back home three days per week.  It's around 8km each way, so it's not a long ride, but there's a fair amount of uphill pedalling in both directions.  It currently takes me about 45 minutes each way, which is similar to the time it takes on public transport (bus then train), so I figured it was an efficient way to fit regular exercise into my week.
Having only exercised at a gym in the past, I decided I needed to invest in some proper cycling gear, including tights and a high visibility jacket.  Luckily Lorna Jane had a sale last weekend and I bought these three pieces for just over $150.

Above images from Lorna Jane

I also bought new lightweight 'Lunaracer' running shoes from Nike a couple of weeks ago.

Above image from SlashSport

Now that I'm all kitted out, I have no excuse to not exercise.

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