Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Workers, Balmain

The Workers opened in Balmain earlier this week, so we had to walk up and check it out.  I loved the outdoor beer garden, which is where we chose to sit given it was such a nice warm and sunny day.  The green chairs reminded me so much of those in the parks in Paris.

I loved the colourful spray-painted walls and mismatched outdoor furniture... well as this 'you only live once' light-up sign (I'd love one of these for my home) and the indoor greenery.

How awesome is his hot pink and black chair?

On Sunday afternoons they have $4 ciders and $4 sliders, with fish, chicken, duck and beef options (we had one of each and fries).

Above images via instagram (modeetmaison)

We'll definitely be back again soon.

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  1. I say YES to that pink and black chair! :)
    Ronnie xo