Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not my perfect wedding shoes after all

My little sister arrived home yesterday after spending five weeks in the United States.  She visited tonight and brought me some awesome presents, as well as what were supposed to be my perfect wedding shoes.  I have wanted the Kate Spade 'Charm' heels in navy glitter and satin ever since Harry settled on a navy Burberry tie for our wedding (I even wrote a post about it five months ago).

There are no Kate Spade stores in Australia and forwarding something as big as a pair of shoes by post is expensive, so my sister's trip to the US for a wedding was my perfect opportunity to get these shoes.
She bought them in New York after hunting down three Kate Spade stores to eventually find them in my size, then carried them in her suitcase as she travelled around the US for another 4 weeks.  I was so excited to finally have them when she handed me the box tonight.  I tried them on for size and they were too big.  I was very surprised.  The box is definitely marked a size 7, but the shoes are definitely marked a size 8.  Kate Spade's return policy for international customers seems to be pretty poor, even if goods are defective which is certainly the case here (not that there's anything wrong with the actual shoes, but they are definitely not as marked).

These shoes cost me over $300, which is more than I have ever spent on a pair of shoes, but I figured for my perfect wedding shoes, it was worth it.   I have not had good experiences with Kate Spade customer service in the past, but I am really hoping they choose to do the right thing here.

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