Sunday, November 4, 2012

Christmas gift ideas: my nerdy husband-to-be

With Christmas less than two months away, I've decided it's time to start thinking about gift ideas, starting with my nerdy husband-to-be.  Harry has three obsessions (aside from me of course): cycling, technology and sci-fi/gaming.  Here are my gift ideas for each.

Above: the Tron cycling skinsuit (1) combines his love of cycling and sci-fi and has been on his wishlist for a while, so it's pretty much a definite.  He needs a new pair of cycling shades and I think these Oakley Split Jacket polarised sunglasses (2) would be good.  I also think this 'On Tour' keyring (3) is pretty cool.

Above: A nerdy mug (1) for the office, the new Google Nexus 4 (although I'm sure he will have bought this for himself before Christmas) and a case for his raspberrypi.  Don't ask, I'm still not sure what the raspberrypi does... something about a mini computer.

Above: This 'Victory of the Daleks' poster (1) is nerdy, but the design is minimal enough for me to allow it hang on a wall in my home.  Harry is planning on buying tickets to the PAX Australia gaming convention (2) in Melbourne next year (of course I'll be tagging along for the weekend too... not to the convention, but to shop and eat).  I also like the minimal and subtly nerdy design of this black leather Moleskine notebook (3) embossed with the words: "MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU."

Now to narrow it down...

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