Thursday, December 6, 2012

Claire's Kitchen at Le Salon

Earlier this week we had dinner at Claire's Kitchen at Le Salon, a cute little French restaurant in Darlinghurst.  The food was amazing (as evidenced by the pics below)!  Apologies in advance for the grainy low-light iPhone shots.

My entrée: a parmesan basket filled with asparagus, white peach and candied walnuts.

Kate's entrée: seared scallops on pumpkin purée with micro herbs.

Harry's entrée: foie gras with croutons and pickles.

We all had the same main because none of us could look beyond duck and pinot pie served on brie and a creamy mash.  It was so good!

My dessert: chocolate mousse with raspberries and créme fraiche

Harry and Kate had the same dessert: blood orange sorbet with a shot of vodka and a macaron.

Above images taken via instagram (modeetmaison)

We've been back home for six months now and it was so nice to have a proper French meal.  I highly recommend this restaurant.  We will definitely be back.

I almost forgot to mention the decor is gorgeous too.  I wanted to walk out with a set of the dining chairs.

Above images from Claire's Kitchen at Le Salon

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