Saturday, January 19, 2013

We're heading back to Tokyo

Our flights are booked and our accommodation chosen.  We're heading back to Tokyo (we've already been twice) for nine days in March.  We're also spending a couple of days in Osaka this time around.  Time to start planning our itinerary.  According to Kate Spade's Tokyo city guide, this is what I should be looking to pack... hmmm, not very helpful... maybe the shoulder bag and coin purse.  Japan has a very cash-based economy, do not expect to be able to pay for everything by card.
So far our itinerary includes a fancy dress birthday party (the reason for our trip) at Gonpachi in Tokyo.  This restaurant was Quentin Tarantino's inspiration for the set in which Uma Thurman's character takes on the 'Crazy 88' in Kill Bill.  We have eaten here before and the food is very good.  Tokyo is possibly the only city in the world where I wouldn't feel uncomfortable walking around in dress up.  With Harajuku girls, cosplay and maid cafés... dressing up is almost a national pastime in Japan.

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