Friday, May 10, 2013

It's my birthday

I have been absent from my blog for such a long time and am learning that planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort. We sent our invitations a couple of days ago and there are only 5 weeks left until the big day, but today I have something else to celebrate - my birthday. So here's a bit of reminiscing about the past year.

A birthday present from my sister
A year ago today I celebrated my 30th birthday in Paris, with cake and champagne for breakfast, shopping at Chanel and fairy lights on the Eiffel Tower. It was a perfect day.

Aside from Paris and a trip to Tokyo a couple of months ago, the highlights of my year have been mostly physical accomplishments. I have never been very athletic and until recently my greatest sporting achievement was playing basketball for my school team in year 8, but in the past year I have successfully completed a 50km charity cycle, a 5km charity run (in a tutu and knee-high socks in the middle of summer) and a SuperSprint corporate triathlon.

My next goal is to complete the 90km Gong Ride for MS... I'll start training after the wedding.

My birthday this year has been nowhere near as glamorous. I spent the day at work, but I was very spoilt by my workmates and my sister who works nearby and now I'm waiting for Harry to get home to ice the cake he baked for me last night and my parents are taking us out to dinner. I love birthdays! Don't you?

In my 32nd year, I look most forward to marrying the man I love and then planning our 'White Christmas' honeymoon - Paris, we're coming back and New York, we look forward to meeting you soon.

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