Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Castle penny round cushions

Now that we have our new Thonet No. 18 dining chairs (two are at home already and another two are on their way), I'm debating whether to buy some brightly coloured Castle penny round velvet cushions for them.

I have plenty of arguments both for and against them.

  • They're cute,
  • They'll make the seats nice and soft,
  • They'll protect my beautiful embossed seats.

  • They'll cover my beautiful embossed seats,
  • Food spills could be a disaster,
  • They don't seem to sit nice and flat,
  • They'll cost a total of $336 for four cushions.

I'll probably just procrastinate for a while and see what else is around.  I might also try to visit one of the stockists to see the quality in person.

Above images from Castle

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