Saturday, September 21, 2013

Art & About and other things

Today was a gorgeous day in Sydney. It was too nice to stay at home, so after morning errands and a walk to the local organic markets to purchase some indulgent edible treats (including garlic smoked olives and mango, coconut and banana bread), we headed into the city to check out Art & About. We didn't get to see much because I'm still recovering from my chest infection and didn't have the energy to walk around a lot. We headed to Hyde Park to see the Field installation (and took a selfie in one of the mirrored pylons).

We also checked out the Little Sydney Lives and Sydney Life photographic exhibitions and found a few of the 24 giant snails that make up the Snailovation installation. This yellow one was in Hyde Park.

We lounged in Hyde Park for a while before heading home, with the cathedral bells ringing and the gardens flowering (I'm so glad it's Spring).

On our way back (before a quick stop at Haigh's for a coffee crunch chocolate block) I saw these super cute ice cream cone shoes (a collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld) in the window of Melissa.  I also love that Melissa shoes smell like strawberries.

Above images via my instagram

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