Sunday, September 1, 2013

Confessions of a shopaholic: week 9

Happy first day of Spring! It was such a beautiful day here in Sydney... 24 degrees, blue skies and a slight breeze.

To anyone who's been reading my shopping confessions and thinking I'm a massive phoney because I've been so good for the past seven weeks, here's proof that I am a shopping mental case.

Today I went a little crazy. I went to Oroton to buy underwear for Harry (which I would like to point out I didn't forget), but I also bought two gorgeous silk dresses that will be perfect for Spring/Summer. Yes, they're the same and I hardly ever buy the same thing in more than one colour (except jeans and underwear), but I really loved the style and the silk and they have pockets! Dresses with pockets are my favourite thing.

The vanilla dress also led me to buy a new set of underwear because it's a little sheer and a white or skin tone bra just wouldn't do (seriously, even I don't understand where that logic came from... I'm sure a skin tone bra would do just fine).

Then I bought this super cute peplum jacket and patent leather bow belt from Alannah Hill. I pinned this jacket last night, so it was obviously meant to be.

Above images taken with my iPhone because I'm too lazy to use a real camera anymore

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