Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My picks from the Oroton sale

It's that time of year again and the pre-Christmas sales are on for those of us organised enough to be already thinking about our Christmas gift shopping.  I'll be doing all of my Christmas gift shopping overseas this year, so my family and friends will be waiting until nearly the end of January for their Christmas gifts, but I'm hoping to bring back gifts that will top anything I can find in Australia.

Rather than put together a mini gift guide, like I did last year, here are my personal picks from the Oroton 50% off sale on now: a classic black clutch, gold glomesh sandals, coral nail polish and a leopard print calf hair pouch.

Above images from Oroton

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  1. Update: the shoes were too wide for my narrow feet and the nail polish colour wasn't as pretty in person, but I bought the clutch and pouch :)