Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A winter hat

I want need a winter hat. Here's my justification - a winter hat will not only keep my head warm (I already have some cute beanies and hooded coats that do that), but it will also protect my pasty skin from the harsh Australian sun (yes, that's still shining in winter) and it will look great too.

Above images (clockwise from top right): The Front Row View, via Pinterest
(original source unknown), They All Hate Us and The Oxford Trunk
This is my current shortlist.

Above: (left) Kookai fedora, (right) Rag & Bone wide brim fedora (top) and dunaway hat (bottom)

I'm hesitating because I really like the Kookai fedora, but the quality doesn't seem great and the Rag & Bone hats aren't available in Australia which means if I ordered one I'd have to risk it not fitting or not suiting me and they're over $200 (Australian) each plus shipping.

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